HIST 355: Second Midterm Study Guide

HIST 355: Native American History
Second Midterm Exam Study Guide

Possible IDS:

Playoff System
French and Indian War

Neolin and Pontiac
Revolution for Indians
Plan of Civilization
Cornplanter and Handsome Lake
The Shawnee Prophet
Red Stick War
Jackson and Removal
Trail of Tears (1837-38)
Rise of the Sioux
Pioneer Invasion
Peace Policy
The Crow and the Peace Policy
Treaty of Fort Laramie
Ghost Dance
Dawes Act
Indian Schools
Failure of Assimilation


Possible Essay Questions:

1)      Between the French and Indian War and the close of the 19th century, Indians in America faced an array of different “Indian policies” implemented by the British and the United States.  Compare and contrast these policies.  How were they similar?  How were they different?  How would you rank these policies from best to worst (you need to make clear the criteria you are using for judging those policies and to justify your rankings). 

2)      Accommodation or Resistance? If you were advising native peoples from the late-18th through the late-19th century about a course of action to follow, which path you would recommend? You’ll need to cite specific examples of the experiences of other Indian people if you hope to convince tribal elders of the wisdom of your choice.

3)      The period between the French and Indian War and the close of the 19th century saw the rise of a number of different Indian spiritual movements aimed at halting their losses and regenerating their cultures and societies. Compare and contrast the movements that grew out of the visions of Neolin, Handsome Lake, the Shawnee Prophet, and Wovoka.  How were they similar?  How were they different?  To what extent did they succeed? Why did they succeed?  To what extent did they fail and why did they fall short?