Documents: Metacom’s War

The following is a page of links to documents on Metacom’s War (also called King Philip’s War), 1675-1676. Use these documents to answer the following question:

Question: What do these documents tell us about the causes of Metacom’s War and about the effect it had on Indian-English relations?

“So Must We Be One…, Otherwise We Shall Be All Gone Shortly”: Narragansett Chief Miantonomi Tries to Form an Alliance Against Settlers in New England and Long Island, 1640s.:

John Eliot’s Brief Narrative (1670) (on “praying towns” of Christian Indians):

“Various are the reports…of the causes of the present Indian warre”:

(Metacom) King Philip’s War: “Metacom Relates Indian Complaints about the English Settlers, 1675”:

“A Severe and Proud Dame She Was”: Mary Rowlandson Lives Among the Indians, 1675:

“Such Was the Tumultation These Women Made”: The Women of Marblehead Wreak Revenge Upon Indian Captors, 1677:

“I Believe It Is Because I Am a Poor Indian”: Samsom Occom’s Life as an Indian Minister” by Samsom Occom